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MAPSA, Michigan’s charter school association, is happy to provide member schools and educators alike a tool to match quality candidates with open positions in schools across the state! 
Michigan charter schools employ about 10,000 plus teachers, and an additional 2,000 educational officers, civil service, and support personnel. Charter schools are seeking talented, skilled, credentialed, innovate and enthusiastic employees who will help deliver on the promise of the culture, mission and academic outcome for each student.
There are job opportunities from the UP on down to the edge of Southern Michigan. For teachers, the greatest demand is now in preparation for summer school and the 2017-18 school year, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity.
If you have questions about an individual job posting, please reach out directly to the school or recruiter. If you are a recruiter and have a question, you can reach MAPSA at 517-374-9167 or email mapsa@charterschools.org.


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